Next-Gen Wireless Financing

Our investment platform supports entrepreneurs building last mile wireless networks.
From wireless broadband to in-building mobile networks, we are excited by emerging operators building powerful networks at competitive prices.


VEVA is solving the Finance Problem in Wireless Internet

Broadband has a finance problem—the incumbents are overlevered with debt, but the smaller operators don't have access to adequate capital. We're changing all of that by financing regional WISPs.


DAITs bring Value and Liquidity to FWB

Digital Asset Investment Trusts are the best way to capitalize the wireless industry. Our new framework allows us operators to finance their capex without debt or equity, and expand at their pace.


We're True Partners—Our Success is Your Success

VEVA structures each deal as a joint venture, so you can protect what matters to you. As partners, we don't win unless you win. This is just one of the ways we're restructuring traditional finance to benefit the little guys.


Blockchain-Ready to Transition into Next-Gen Finance

We've been on the cutting edge of finance for a number of years now, and our team of innovators is ready to propel VEVA into the next generation of finance as soon as it's mature. Our platform is purpose-built to work both today and tomorrow.

Frequently Ask Questions


The need to broadband to keep America at the forefront of innovation is being recognized by everyone from the government to finance to Big Tech. Despite this, VEVA sees a massive finance problem in the wireless industry—emerging competitors are unable to secure the capital they need to truly invest in a resilient infrastructure. To combat this, VEVA is rethinking the framework for financing and liquidity. Our goal is to unlock significant value and deliver high, uncorrelated returns to the hundreds of billions of dry capital looking for yield in infrastructure-like assets.

VEVA is pioneering a new asset class called a DAIT. Loosely modelled after REITs, DAITs are Digital Asset Investment Trusts. We will use these to fund wireless capex at scale but securitizing and floating digitally secured instruments, thereby maximizing valuation and supporting WISP expansion and infrastructure buildouts.

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We believe that the time is right for these Digital Asset Investment Trusts. VEVA started analyzing alternative investments in 2017, and have refined our vision over the years to focus on wireless. We are building for the next generation of finance, and plan to be ready as new technologies and movements such as Decentralized Finance and Blockchain mature. In a more macro sense, wireless is a hot topic for the future. Governments both domestically and abroad are pouring capital into infrastruture, and many future operations (including industries that we think of as "low tech", like agriculture) will require heavy infrastructure investments in the coming years. This, in addition to the massive social movements that have sprung up in reaction to large telco monopolies and federal legislation (i.e. Net Neutrality), have created the perfect storm of tailwinds.

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