Ravi Anaparti — Co-Founder; Finance

Ravi has 15 years of capital markets experience, including as a portfolio manager at Passport Capital, where he managed over 300mm in assets. He currently advises several fintech and blockchain companies, and holds an MBA from UC Berkeley and an MS from the University of Iowa.
Ravi has an outstanding long-term track record in multiple asset classes (long/short equity, commodities, real estate and VC) and sectors (energy, MLPs, REITs, utilities). He is a fundamental bottom-up investor skilled in risk management and quantitative tools, has a deep knowledge of global financial markets and investment/fund manager due diligence. He is an active investor in crowdfunding, commercial real estate and blockchain. During his career, he has hired, mentored and led successful teams. Ravi is passionate about investing, fintech, and financial inclusion.

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