Reuben Youngblom — Co-Founder; Product

Reuben is passionate about emerging technologies and early-stage companies. His work spans AI, blockchain, and usability engineering, and his research interests include FWB regulation, especially surrounding municipal broadband and lowered barriers to entry, and Tech for Good. He earned his law degree from UC Davis.
Reuben has been on the tech side of industry for the past 10 years, and has been involved in startups ranging from data analytics (Zippia) to sustainable, environmentally-friendly food production (Ocean Source), to blockchain (TapTrust). His diverse background gives a unique perspective on risk analysis and technological solutions. In addition to being an active investor in blockchain, he is an advocate for decentralized finance and closing the digital divide. He is also a member of the WISPA Best Practices Committee where he is focused on regulatory issues (bureaucratic transparency, competition, and municipal broadband), and is passionate about fintech, open-source initiatives, and how these can intersect to solve problems in the telecom industry.

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