Yann Ngongang — Co-Founder; Partnerships

Yann brings 20 years of entrepreneurial, technology and strategic innovation. He’s been involved with wireless since the late 90s: 802.11 at Lucent/Bell Labs, Wifi chips for cell phones at SyChip (a Bell Labs spinoff), 3G & GPS geopositioning for Rosum/Stanford and 3G spectrum acquisition for large private equity investors.
Yann’s work on VEVA stems from a conviction that new capital allocation models are sorely needed to unlock the potential of new technologies, drive growth and bring more equity globally. Most recently, he was CEO/co-founder of Virgo.limo, a hotel-focused ridesharing VC-backed company that he grew to profitability. Previously, he co-founded Guestmob an award-winning hotel booking marketplace; he was a technology partner at Oliver Wyman consulting working principally for Microsoft; he also held various product and engineering roles at Rosum/Stanford, Esmog, Sychip/Bell Labs, Accenture, Yurie Systems(Bell Labs).
He holds an MBA from Stanford and a BS/CS in computer science from the University of Maryland.

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