Next-Gen Wireless Financing

Our investment platform supports entrepreneurs building last mile wireless networks.
From wireless broadband to in-building mobile networks, we are excited by emerging operators building powerful networks at competitive prices.

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The Opportunity

Growing demand for better, faster broadband

-Video Conferencing and Streaming
-Low latency apps
-IOT: Connected Devices Everywhere
-4K OTT Video Services

Fiber-like performance from wireless

-MU-MIMO, ODFM, Beamforming streamlines spectrum
-Mid/Micro/Millimeter wave opens up new capacity
-5G can deliver up to 3Gb/s over miles

Governments are seeing broadband as urgent & critical

-Uncompetitive Markets Leads to Subpar Performance
-Digital Divide is Leaving too many Communities Behind
-Government Levers are Pushing for a Market-Based Momentum

Incumbents are too slow & debt burdened to adapt

-Incumbents’ $1T of debt is affecting future capex decisions
-5G expected to be much costlier than prior generations

Concentration among many large telcos (wired & wireless) has led to subpar performance and a widening access and opportunity divide, globally. The reason is simple: access to capital.
Our innovative decentralized funding model supports regional operators’ growth without the need for consolidation while delivering superior returns for investors.


Technology is the backbone of VEVA's success

We use advanced data analytics to invest in accordance with value. Our extensive proprietary data sets and unique strategies give us a tremendous competitive edge when evaluating networks.


Yann Ngongang

Co-Founder; Strategic Partnerships

Yann brings 20 years of entrepreneurial, technology and strategic innovation experience in telecom, wireless, and internet marketplaces. He’s had experiences at Bell Labs, Accenture, Mercer, and Microsoft. He holds an MBA from Stanford and a BS in CS from the University of Maryland.

Ravi Anaparti

Co-Founder; Finance

Ravi has 15 years of capital markets experience, including as a portfolio manager at Passport Capital, where he managed over 300mm in assets. He currently advises several fintech and blockchain companies, and holds an MBA from UC Berkeley and an MS from the University of Iowa.

Reuben Youngblom

Co-Founder; Product

Reuben has 10 years of experience in the start-up industry and is passionate about emerging technologies. His research interests include the regulatory concerns surrounding Municipal Broadband and Tech for Good. He earned his law degree from UC Davis and studied CS at OSU.

Research Highlights

Latest News

CASF Info Session

VEVA attended the California Advanced Services Fund information session on April 28th, 2019 in Sacramento, CA. Our big takeaway: The financial system is incredibly broken. Small operators can't get the funding they need, and the big incumbents—despite their money—are building the bare minimum infrastructure they can get away with.


We spent some time in Canada for the Canwisp conference last week. We met some new folks, and more importantly, we learned a lot about how Canadian WISPs are running things. There are significant differences in goals, finance, and the general environment up in Canada... stay tuned for a blog post about our fresh insights!


Our team attended WISPAmerica in Cincinnati, OH. This was one of the best conferences so far this year, and we were able to meet so many amazing folks. The talks and information sessions were all top-notch, and we all walked away with more knowledge about the wireless industry. Thanks to WISPA, and we'll see you all for WISPAlooza!

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